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Self Led You offers facilitation services to help build capacity for Self leadership. Self leadership is an empowered and centered way of being where we make decisions based on long-range & wide-angle perspectives that are in alignment with our core values. We choose to be present, conscious and committed to ourselves and our needs more of the time. As we take care of ourselves, we naturally start to fill needs of others we care about and start to explore how to have good relationships with our surroundings. We naturally strive to build communities, organisations and broader societal contexts that we truly want to live in.

To facilitate means to “make easier; help bring about”. Self Led You is a heartful facilitation service to help bring about Self leadership in individuals and groups. This is an ethical & diversity-welcoming practice guided by the standards of professional bodies of psychotherapy & coaching. Self Led You aims to raise awareness of and meet the global challenges we all play a part in. It is working to be accountable for our collective histories.

To find read more about Self Led You and whether this can be for you, a family member, friend, or colleague, see this flyer.



Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a transformative, evidence-based psychological modality that helps us towards wholeness by facilitating our access to the entirety of ourselves. IFS believes that the mind is naturally multiple (made up of “parts”) and that this a good thing. Just like members of a family, our inner parts can be forced from their natural, valuable states into unhelpful or sometimes extreme roles within us.

IFS believes we all have a core Self and that this Self is in everyone. It is an aspect of us that can't be damaged. It knows how to heal, lead and connect. This is an inner resource that we all have within us regardless of what has happened to us and what we may have done to ourselves or others.

By helping us first access our Self and, from that core, come to understand and heal parts of ourselves, IFS creates inner and outer connectedness. As we integrate more & more of ourselves, we experience an increased sense of inner trust and “flow” that we call Self leadership. Over time, we find ourselves with the inner resources needed to deal with complexity & make truly constructive, sustainable and congruent decisions.

Learn more about the IFS model at the IFS Institute (previously the Center for Self Leadership).



Andreas Michael (MSc, BSc) is a supervised IFS Practitioner, supervised ILM Certified Coach and project professional. He's a member of the IFS Institute, Internal Family Systems UK, the ILM and adheres to the Standards and Guidelines of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Global Code of Ethics of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

Andreas has been working daily with the IFS model since 2014. He first learned it as a client in therapy and have been using it with others since qualifying as an IFS Practitioner in 2016. He's also part of the teaching teams for IFS trainings and have facilitated workshops at IFS conferences in the UK & the US. Andreas has undergone several leadership training programs, is a certified project manager & scrum master (PRINCE2, PSM-I, APM's PMQ) and a certified coach (ILM Level 3). He has also trained in IFS-Inspired Coaching, Process-Oriented Psychology (Process Work), Shadow Work, holds an MSc in Economics and a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology. He's always been exploring what spirituality could mean in this world and prefers to ask questions over finding answers. Andreas has been part of the Mankind Project (MKP) since 2015.

Andreas's breadth of training and experience has allowed him to work in variety of fields over the years, such as: Workplace & management coaching, personal & professional development goals, organisational development & transformation, individual developmental trauma, complex PTSD, body symptoms, altered states, anxiety, anger, shame and depression. He's following the latest within psychedelic-assisted therapy programs with great interest.



Services & Fees: I offer individual and group facilitation services which can be coaching-focused, psychotherapeutic or a blend. Please contact me for information on fees.

Privacy: I am privacy literate and use tools and processes throughout my practice that protects your privacy and, wherever possible, your anonymity. If you wish to send me an encrypted message, you can use my public key. If you do not know how to use a public encryption key, you can use this online encryption tool. If you wish to get in touch with me anonymously, you can follow a few simple instructions here:

Location (online & in person): I see clients in Finsbury Park in London (N4), a 5 minute walk from Finsbury Park and Manor House tube stations. I also see clients online.

Contact: Please note that my practice is currently at full capacity. I operate a waiting list which you can sign up for – please read the waiting list instructions before signing up:

Emergencies: If you are in a crisis right now and need to talk to somebody immediately there are several options. Samaritans offer a 24 hour help line on 08457 90 90 90. There is also likely to be a local crisis Line in your area offering 24 hour advice and support on mental health issues. You can find this by searching online for Crisis Line + your area. 0300 1234 244 is the number for West London. If you or someone close to you is in imminent danger of harming themselves you can go to the nearest hospital accident and emergency department where you can be seen by the emergency psychiatrist.